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EPA RAD Program

Travis HVAC Recycling provides final disposal and recycling service for commercial, industrial and residential HVAC units. For environmentally sound, cost effective recycling. Many HVAC companies and construction contractors are turning to HVAC recyclers to properly dispose of unwanted HVAC equipment. Here at Travis HVAC Recycling we will properly execute your HVAC recycling / disposal needs. Travis HVAC Recycling is committed to achieving environmentally conscious recycling tasks.

Travis HVAC Recycling is determined to establish a comprehensive solution for your HVAC disposal requirements while maintaining the EPA requirements. Travis HVAC Recycling makes it easy for you by doing all the work necessary to properly recycle your unwanted HVAC equipment. Our goal is to complete the HVAC recycling / disposal process with little to no interruption to your business operation. You can even schedule for us to meet your crane or company crew at your job site to collect your unwanted HVAC equipment or you can drop off your equipment at our Salisbury, MD facility. We will even recover refrigerant from units that arrive still containing the refrigerant charge. 

We understand that proper disposal of your unwanted HVAC equipment is important to you. The EPA has set certain requirements that must be met in order to properly dispose of HVAC and refrigeration equipment. Why use a productive member of your company to prep your HVAC units for disposal when you can let us take care of that process for you. When it comes time for you to dispose of unwanted HVAC equipment call us to schedule a pick-up or arrange a drop-off at our facility in Salisbury, MD.

We currently cover the majority of the Delmarva Peninsula for pick-up service. Call us today to arrange a drop-off or schedule a pick-up. 

We look forward to serving your needs.

Contact information:

2205 Northwood Dr.

Salisbury, MD 21801

Phone # 443-736-4386

E-mail: travisrecycling@yahoo.com

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